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133 Clements Rd

Queensbury, NY 12804




133 Clements Rd
Queensbury, NY 12804


Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery is nestled in the Foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. Our clean, unprocessed water is drawn from deep underground. We make products the old fashioned way—in a custom made copper pot still, one batch at a time. Our spirits are handmade, rich and full-bodied. Harvested from our fields and poured into your glass.

Our Spirits

Two Sisters Vodka (40% abv)

Our Hand-crafted vodka is made from wheat with no additives. It won a Double Gold Award from "The 50 Best" Spirits Contest. Two Sisters Vodka is neutral, as a vodka should be.  It’s imbued with the fresh, clean, crisp flavor of Springbrook Hollow water from the Adirondack Mountains. Just prior to bottling, Two Sisters Vodka is passed through a charcoal filter bed to polish the flavor and aroma, to yield a true vodka. Perfectly suited to mixing in any vodka cocktail, sipped neat or on the rocks.


Sly Fox Gin (45% abv)

Small batch artisanal gin made with juniper berries and the essence of botanicals which gives our gin an exotic burst of flavor.  Sly Fox Gin won a Gold Medal at "The 50 Best" Spirits Competition. Like our other spirits, Sly Fox Gin is created with Springbrook Hollow water from the Adirondack Mountains.  This gin’s lubricious flavor can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite gin cocktail.


Howl At The Apple Moonshine (30% abv)

We blend fresh New York State Apple Cider and cinnamon with our Howl At The Moonshine to give our Howl at the Apple Moonshine that straight from the oven, hot apple pie flavor you'll love. A wonderful layer in any cocktail, you can simply enjoy it on the rocks or in a satisfyingly delicious Hot Toddy. 


Howl At The Maple Moonshine (30% abv)

Pure Maple Syrup from Adirondack Gold Maple Farm is blended with our Howl At The Moonshine to make our Howl at the Maple Moonshine.  The sweet, maple finish will make you think of sugar on snow with every sip. Enjoy it on the rocks, with a  mixer, pour it over ice cream or mix in a Hot Toddy. It will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.


Two Sisters Limoncello (30% abv)

Our Double Gold Award Winning Two Sisters Vodka based Lemon Liqueur is made with only the zest of the fruit, giving it a fresh, fruity flavor with less sugar content. Serve it on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Add it to desserts, culinary cuisine or simply enjoy it with friends. You will love the refreshing flavor of Two Sisters Limoncello. Winner of a Silver Medal from the American Distilling Institute.

Two Sisters Orangecello (30% abv)

The fresh squeezed orange aroma you notice as you sip this Liqueur will make you love our Two Sisters Orangecello. We use only the zest of the orange in this Liqueur, blending it with our Double Gold Award Winning Two Sisters Vodka to give it that smooth finish we know you crave for. Enjoy it ice cold, with a mixer or as a creative additive to fresh cuisine & desserts. Our Two Sisters Orangecello will be a staple at your bar for you to enjoy.

Adirondack High Rye Bourbon (43% abv)

Springbrook’s Adirondack High Rye Bourbon is perfect for the discerning whiskey drinker or cocktail enthusiast. Our local corn, rye, malted barley and heavy char oak barrels offer the perfectly balanced combination of bold and sweet. This complex bourbon is flawless in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned or straight up.  On the nose, you get heavy caramel and hints of vanilla. The body gives flavors of oak and toffee. This is all underscored by the complex and spicy flavor of rye. Last but not least, the finish is  long and rich with a balance between dry and sweet.  Adirondack High Rye Bourbon won a Silver Medal at the New York State International Spirits Competition.


Adirondack Blended Straight Bourbon (43% abv) - Many argue that crafting a perfectly well balanced whiskey blend is harder than distilling whiskey itself.  We're not saying one or the other, we happen to love both.  For years our master distillers have scoured the country for straight bourbons of different ages and mash bills to blend with our own straight bourbon to create a smooth, full bodied whiskey for all enjoy.  Bourbon is America's whiskey and this bottle is a tip of the cap to her best efforts.  Meticulously tasted and tweaked throughout the entire process. You will surely enjoy our Adirondack Blended Straight Bourbon.

blended bourbon.jpg

Cowboy Coffee (30% abv) - One of our best creations to date, our cowboy coffee is delicious. We use Madagascar vanilla beans, locally roasted cold brew coffee from Kru Coffee and of course unprocessed Adirondack spring water to craft this unique spirit. Enjoy it on the rocks or to create an amazing cocktail from White Russians to Espresso Martinis, our signature Gunslinger Cocktail is sure to be a hit at any occasion.